Illustrator Profile by East West Literary Agency

Illustrator Profile by East West Literary Agency

Summary: Portfolio highlights, and brief career path overview!

I’m over the moon! East West Literary Agency is doing a fantastic write-up and showcase of my work, and beginning to promote my authorial illustrator debut story, GROM.

Story Summary:

GROM is a spunky first-time skateboarder who finds herself flying headlong into a pond after being goaded into skating down Blueberry Hill by the ne’er-do-well CALAMITY.

Skaters both real and imagined join GROM as she learns the secret of skateboarding and meets each new challenge with perseverance and practice.

It is such an honor to work with Ms. Deborah Warren, Ms. Ana Cresco and the team at East West Literary Agency. They continue to be supportive, kind, and enthusiastic about children’s books.

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Brian Bowes
Illustrator Highlight

A professor of illustration at the Savannah College of Arts and Design (SCAD), Brian Bowes is known for creating a world view rich with vibrant watercolors and expressive characters.  His signature style is whimsical, magical and character-driven, with narrative watercolors that shine with storytelling, draftsmanship, and creativity. Enter Brian’s authorial illustrator debut, GROM:

Interior from GROM (currently on submission)

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