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Drawing to a Beautiful Conclusion

Summary: In the previous post I talked about the beginnings and the initial thoughts and concepts behind this illustration. We left off in that post at the first round of thumbnails. This post will follow up by talking about revisions, rough comps, and the resulting phases of this process, ending with the exciting final product!Continue Reading

“Ivy” comes home with 2 literary awards!

“Ivy; Homeless in San Francisco” wins a 2011 Literary Classics Silver Medal and a Bronze Moonbeam Award! I am super psyched to be apart of this project and am glad to see that it is getting the recognition that it deserves. My contribution to this book was in creating the cover image as well as the five black and white interior illustrations.Continue Reading

Building Books Barehanded

There is something magical about seeing other people achieve their dreams and goals. I believe that it can give us the inspiration to believe that we can do the same. Recently a friend of my saw his first novel through to publication, which is no small feat. Doggedly determined to get his book out there, Eric has worked long and hard, and now his dream has become a reality.Continue Reading

Light During the Darkest Days

It seems amazing to me, that a year ago (11 months technically) I was jumping for joy at a fresh new prospect of creating two book covers for PM Press. Now, here I am almost a full year later, marveling as the second of those books come to fruition on the printed page. As the New Year approaches, one can’t help but to be struck by the wonderful and timely symmetry that this book represents, if you’ll pardon the pun, it creates a nice book-end to 2010!Continue Reading

Watercolor Process