Society of Illustrators #53 Submissions

"Jetcycle Getaway" done at the 2010 Illustration Master Class

Well, wish me luck, the images have been submitted and the bill has been paid! Now it’s all up to the judges at this year’s Society of Illustrators annual show/ contest to vote on this year’s winners and participants in the 53rd Illustration Annual.

For my submissions, I had to balance the cost and the number of images that I could afford to submit. I felt that 4 of the images that were created over the last year would be a nice representation. Of course I wanted to submit the piece that I did for the IMC, that was such a formative experience that I wanted to show the final piece. Also, in keeping with the Steampunk vibe, I entered my cover illustration for Steampunk Magazine #6.

Ol' No.6

Next up for submission and in a different genre, is the wraparound cover completed for PM Press’ Noir Anthology;”Send My Love and A Molotov Cocktail.” I submitted this one because of the over all feeling of the image, and because it is a little more concept and a little less figurative work, and besides all that, I just like it.

Telling the story with atmosphere and location

And finally, the piece that I have been working on for the past month or so, and that was alluded to in an earlier post, “A Curious Introduction!”

A Curious Introduction

Watch for an upcoming process post about the creation of not only this image, but of the whole promotional piece that this is a part of, and of the considerations behind the core concept. But for now, these are my four entries, and I feel that they do represent where I’ve been and where I am at. Of course I live in hope that maybe one or more of these images might be chosen to be amongst the prestigious pages of the Society of Illustrators Illustration Annual #53! Only time will tell.

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