Urban Sketching: A Buttery Sketch

This fun video is of a watercolor painting in my sketchbook. The sketch was made on location at The Buttery Cafe in Santa Cruz, CA. The painting was done at a later date, over the course of two days in my studio. 

Sketching and painting in a sketchbook frees me up to play with ideas about color and composition. You might even say that it helps to get my Mojo Working! 


Sherlock Holmes; A Study in Watercolor

"Getting into character" is something you hear around acting, but it also applies to children's book illustration! This study helped me to understand Sherlock as a character, and acted as my model for future illustrations. 

See more in this blog post!

The Un-taping of Bo Diddley

The ever satisfying un-taping of a mixed media, but mostly gouache, illustration of Bo Diddley. This started as a failed demonstration for students, but through dogged determination I was able to bring it around to a satisfying final piece. Enjoy!

See the sketches and read about the process in this blog post!

The Story of the Fisherman Illustration Promotional Piece

This illustration promotional piece is for the book  The Story of The Fisherman published by Foolscap Press. The envelope is letterpress print, and the interior is printed using an inkjet on matte presentation paper. 

If you're interested in more information, I have other posts about this amazing project.  [Read more...]

The music is the band Albino. Listen to the whole concert  here

I hope this video inspires you.  Contact me to share your unique promotional materials!  

A Pen & ink illustration for The Hole Story

This Process video is of a pen and ink illustration that I did for The Hole Story of Kirby the Sneak and Arlo the True published by Waywiser Press

I wrote up a blog post about the Hole project (badump-ting!): Illustrating “The Hole Story of Kirby the Sneak and Arlo the True”

Illustrating Characters for Children's Books

My first watercolor process video created for a personal project. I share many of my methods for painting in watercolor. 

There is also a companion blog post with more examples : 10+ Hours of Watercolor Painting in an 8 Minute Video

A Pen & Ink Illustration for The Story of the Fisherman

This pen and ink illustration was done for The Story of the Fisherman published by Foolscap Press. This special book can be found in both private and university special collections as well as the U. S. Library of Congress Rare Book and Special Collections Division. 

I wrote an in depth post which shows pictures of the final book, sketches, and the final artwork: The Story of the Fisherman; Up Close.