Sherlock Holmes Character Study and a Video

Sherlock Holmes Character Study and a Video

Summary: I Share a character study and a video of my watercolor painting.

Happy New Year!

A few of you may have seen via my Instagram or Twitter feed that I was developing a character study for my Sherlock Holmes character. For those who were paying particular attention, you would have noticed that I did it twice!

The reason for the do-over was that I’d used some less-than-quality watercolor paper. While that type of paper is good for a few washes, however after about two layers the colors start to lift off the page. I think that this is due to the sizing in the paper. Anyway, I redid the sketch, redid the painting, and videoed it as well!

It’s a little longer video than normal due to the fact that I’ve included some sections of real-time painting. Enjoy!

(Note: for some reason the video pop-ups are working for mobile devices, click here to go directly to Youtube.)

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