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Waltzing Into The New Year

Summary: I don’t believe that anyone get’s anywhere without help from the people around them. It is through this network of mutual support that beautiful things can emerge. This is the tale of just such a project. Continue Reading

Monster Mondays

I want to start sharing some of my sketches and drawings. Often my day will start with about an hour of sketching or drawing to loosen up, have fun, and often times an excuse to draw a monster. Today’s Monday Monster is our pal Cthulhu.Continue Reading

The Book Launch Party for “Ivy”

Summary: This week was the book launch party for my first published YA Book, Ivy; Homeless in San Francisco published by Reach and Teach, and PM Press. The Event The event was a nice gathering of folks brave enough to wade through the throngs of people who were out celebrating Gay Pride weekend, which inContinue Reading

Feeling Good While Giving It Away

I first heard the term “Citizen Designer” while I was in college. I didn’t think much of it then, but recently I was given a wonderful opportunity to discover what that term really means. And in the process I was able to crawl out from under the weight of my own present life situation, take a broader view of the world and was able to give back in my own way, and for me that way is through Art and drawing.Continue Reading

4 Week Challenge: the Wrap Up

I was happy to dive back in with the 4 Week Challenge, which was focused on creating new images. I wanted to start bringing in more “editorial” type of work and so, wanted to bolster my portfolio with some images. With the week turn around time on the images it seemed like an appropriate effort.Continue Reading

Loving Life, Drawing

Loving Life, Drawing

I have to admit that this most recent life drawing session was a lot of fun. How to explain, just good people having good times. Well, enough said, the pictures can speak for themselves. 20 minutes Ok, I can’t resist making a few comments, these are all still so fresh at the time of thisContinue Reading

Figuring It Out, One Drawing At A Time

Figuring It Out, One Drawing At A Time

5 min warmups Sometime here in the recent past I realized that I hadn’t been posting any drawings from a figure drawing session that I attend. I also realized that my posts can be a bit… hmm shall we say “wordy?” In that spirit, I’ll keep it brief, and.. here we go. 20 minutes IContinue Reading

The Un-taping of Bo Diddley