Thank you for taking the time to review Grom. I hope you'll love her as much as I do!

You can download the Manuscript, Synopsis, Bio, and Resources, along with PDFs of both the Book Dummy, and the bonus Grom Sketchbook by clicking on the folder icon below. 

Dynamic characters pop and glide through the ups and downs of skateboarding in this rad story about the power of perseverance, friendships, and how—with a little imagination—we can overcome challenges that life may throw in our way.

GROM is a spunky first-time skateboarder who finds herself flying headlong into a pond after being goaded into skating down Blueberry Hill by the ne'er-do-well CALAMITY.

Skaters both real and imagined join GROM as she learns the secret of skateboarding and meets each new challenge with perseverance and practice.

GROM finally skates down Blueberry Hill but CALAMITY has one last dastardly surprise for her! GROM will need to land a new trick that she’s only imagined could be done to overcome this final obstacle.

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  • All the text and artwork is For Placement Only. I expect to repaint the book for better consistency, and anticipate that we will be working collaboratively.

Bonus Sketchbook!

A lot of love and development work went into the crafting of this heartfelt story. This sketchbook is a collection of drawings, color studies, and notes from the various stages of development.

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