Art Auction Wrap-up

Art Auction Wrap-up

I’ll start by thanking everyone who helped to make this poster sale a success. A Gigantic thank you to Brent and everyone at Shintekiwho brought me this work, and took the extra time and effort to have the auction on Ebay. They have tireless energy and are super fun to work with. A thank you goes out to each and every person who put bids on the work, it is an honor and I am touched by your efforts.

Brent brought the posters over to the house to have them signed before they are to be shipped and distributed to their new rightful owners. Each poster got a signature and a message to the buyers on them. (see above)
This was the first occasion I actually had to see the final posters. It was really fun to see them at size, and then to compare them to the original drawings that I had scanned in, it was something like a 300% increase in size. I have to say, bigger is better in this case. However it does drive home the point that I picked up from David Lance Goines that if if doesn’t work small, it isn’t going to work big.

In the end, I am really happy with the turn out for this project. It was fun to generate 7 pieces in about 2 weeks, and to fortify some computer-art skillz. Then to seem them so warmly received, and to have them go on to have extended uses beyond their originally intended use is such a delight.

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