Reinvigorating Illustration

Measuring Something Impossible; aka: The Cosmic Snail

Summary: My illustration “Measuring Something Impossible” goes on to have a secondary usage on a private blog, and regular people come together to create a positive outcome.

I am pleased to share with you that the Cosmic Snail painting entitled “Measuring Something Impossible,” has inched it’s way into a new incarnation. The Druid’s Well, a blog that I would describe as the ontological ruminations of one, ‘Snaegle,’ recently discovered and rejuvenated this particular image by choosing to let it accompany a blog post entitled Personal Cosmology. Snaegle is a published author who uses her blog for less polished essays and literary meanderings. In her own words:

Being a good ol’ American Mutt, a number of different influences currently inform my spiritual practices—probably more of them subconscious than I’d like to admit.  The most obvious of these are Revival Druidry (OBOD-style), Waincraft, and Traditional Witchcraft.  Druidry provides my spacial and temporal frameworks, Waincraft best describes how I interact with my Gods, the Vanir, and Witchcraft is the technology that pulls everything together.

Yes, I am syncretic.  No, it’s not a dirty word.

After reading this along with some of her other entries on the blog, I saw clearly that here was a person who is my kinda weird; well off the beaten path and forging ahead relentlessly. I am happy to help illuminate her path as she journeys ever forward.

In the end, this is a great example of how everyday people can find value in using illustration on the internet. One doesn’t need to be a multi-million dollar organization to reap the benefits of having a good image alongside their message. This relationship between images and words has existed for eons, and will no doubt continue on into the future. In this particular case, we were easily able to come together to create a win-win scenario. She was able to utilize an illustration that aligned well with her writings as well as purchasing a print, all for a reasonable price, and I received great satisfaction in cobbling together a living as well as seeing one of my illustrations go on to brighten the world just a little bit more.

Upcoming Changes:

Stay tuned for further developments here as things start heating up for summer. There are new illustrations in the works, published works coming up, and new sections are being developed for this website.

As ever, I respond well to enthusiasm, your feedback is welcome here.

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