Online Book-club reading of “The War of Art”

Online Book-club reading of “The War of Art”

Summary: a fun book club type reading of  “The War of Art” on my Facebook fan page, go there now and join in the conversation.

"The War of Art"
Gearing up to read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield.

I like reading books that creatively inspire me, and Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art” has come highly recommended and been on my reading list for quite some time. Recently I found a copy at a local bookstore and decided to pick it up and start reading it. Before I dive into it, I thought it might be fun to rope in some of you, my online friends! The more the merrier!

I find that deadlines work in all kinds of ways, and if I’m not reading just for the shear enjoyment of the book, I like to give myself a deadline. I find that it helps to draw me quickly through the book. Here’s the deal, if you are game for this, we can read this book in 2 weeks or less pretty easily. The copy of the book that I am using is 165 pages long, and if you divide that by 14 days, you come up with reading about 12 pages per day. 12 pages per day for two weeks, we can do that right?

I find that books that are meant to inspire creativity, almost always do just that. In order to capture those fleeting nuggets of ideas and inspiration, I like to keep a pencil nearby and either take notes in a sketchbook (especially if I am reading a library book!) or, I might just write in the margins of the book. I find that my notes are more easily revisited if they’re collected into journal or sketchbook. Remember you can alway note the page number if there is a specific passage that you’d like to recall.

I will be hosting the book club type reading of  “The War of Art” on my Facebook fan page, go there now and join in the conversation! Facebook seems to be a good option for this group discussion because most of us are already there using it.

Thanks for joining and reading along. I look forward to sharing ideas and observations with you all, and listening to your thoughts as well. 

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