Figure Drawing Using The Buddy System

Figure Drawing Using The Buddy System

A friend and I use the buddy system to get ourselves out to a local life drawing session, and I show my sketches.

It’s great to get out to a life drawing session. It is a bit like going to the gym in that I find it helps to keep my hands and eyes in shape. Just like going to the gym, or for that matter any other habit that you’re trying to pick up, sometimes it’s good to have a buddy to be accountable to; the buddy system. Last night was just such an instance. My friend Marty and I had both agreed to go, but, both of us almost bailed out. Independently from one another,  we both had a aversion of the thought, “Well, I told Marty that I was going, so I’d better go. I’d hate to flake out after telling her that I’d go!”

So, what happened?

We ended up both getting in two hours of life drawing, and feeling much refreshed afterwards!

I hope you enjoy my drawings from last night. (note: you can click on the thumbnails to view the images larger, an there’s also a slideshow function in the lower left corner of the pop up window!)

Thank you!

2 Responses to Figure Drawing Using The Buddy System

  1. Thanks Patrick! It’s so easy to be “too busy” for figure drawing… but dang it’s good for the soul!

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