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Drawing to a Beautiful Conclusion

Summary: In the previous post I talked about the beginnings and the initial thoughts and concepts behind this illustration. We left off in that post at the first round of thumbnails. This post will follow up by talking about revisions, rough comps, and the resulting phases of this process, ending with the exciting final product!Continue Reading

Waltzing Into The New Year

Summary: I don’t believe that anyone get’s anywhere without help from the people around them. It is through this network of mutual support that beautiful things can emerge. This is the tale of just such a project. Continue Reading

The Shadow Over My Drawingboard

The Shadow Over My Drawingboard

I cannot claim to remember the dreams that plagued my feverish mind, I can only say that I had the vaguest memories of men with bulbous eyes that seemed to smell of fish. When I did finally awake, I did so with a bolt hysterical laughter.Continue Reading

Eating the Hands of My Heros (just a little bit!)

Eating the Hands of My Heros (just a little bit!)

“Eating the Hands of My Heros.” Zelda Devon, of Teetering Bulb, once suggested this to me as a way learning what has been successful in the illustration works that I enjoy, and as a way to grow my own work. It’s good advice, and it’s something that has been bouncing around in the back of mind for quite some time.Continue Reading

Real Life Adventures of an Illustrator

Summary: My wife and I travel back to my old hometown. An old High School buddy and I throw a party at his skateshop and call it an “In Store Artist Event.” I find myself on the hook for 3 new skateboard graphics. Good times are had by all.Continue Reading

“Ivy” comes home with 2 literary awards!

“Ivy; Homeless in San Francisco” wins a 2011 Literary Classics Silver Medal and a Bronze Moonbeam Award! I am super psyched to be apart of this project and am glad to see that it is getting the recognition that it deserves. My contribution to this book was in creating the cover image as well as the five black and white interior illustrations.Continue Reading

The Un-taping of Bo Diddley