Figure Drawing Friday

Figure Drawing Friday

Ahh, another Figure Drawing session Friday. 

I am really loving these occasions to draw for a few hours.
Today’s excitement was that we did without a model. For those of you who’ve ever had to make due, you know the drill. It’s portraits of the people around you, or people start to volunteer to be the model. We opted to model ourselves.
Myself, I did a 20 minute pose for the group. It was fun to walk around afterwards to see what people had created from it. After that brief stint as a model, I have a renewed appreciation for what models do, it ain’t easy, that’s for sure. If you ever want a challenge, be still for 20 minutes, then see how you feel!

These drawings ended up being quick and simple, no big deals today, just doing the work.  The two pencil drawings are a gal whom I went to school with. It was nice to see her again and a surprise to draw from her for 20 minutes or so. It is something of a challenge to draw people that you know. I found that early on, I was just trying to draw a portrait of the person, focusing in on the face. Noticing that, I decided to use a little exaggeration to help me work out of that. Thus the head shot that’s a little wonky.
The color image is another student who attends these sessions. She had a really great triangular-floppy-doll-pose that I enjoyed working from.

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