Figure Drawing Friday

Figure Drawing Friday

Today’s figure drawing session was extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to work with a jazz musician (who’s name escapes my mind right now.) He was positively wonderful to work with. Essentially he performed for about 2 and a half hours off and on, with n’er a dull moment. Absolutely great! He played a bass clarinet, a musette, and a flute-ish recorder. At times he worked in a bop-jazz way, and in other moments he played like an autumn leaf on the wind. A very spirited performance.

I am happy to say that this got me thinking about the figure in a refreshing way. By tone, and color as not only representative of the physical before me, but also of the tone and color of the music he was playing. In reviewing the images they seem less like drawings, and more like moments or events on the page. It is so energizing to change one’s perspective. Especially in that I’ve been working a lot from photo’s as of late, and there is the pitfall of the flattened image that can occur. It is nice to come at these problems in a robust way again.
Again today, the company was exquisite, I enjoyed seeing some old friends and meeting a few new people too. Watch out for more images from these sessions.

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  1. Yay. I really need to start getting Fridays off so I can join you guys… I am going to see about switching days soon if I am able.
    Lookin’ awesome as always!

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