Troll, rolling along

Troll, rolling along

Today will be a succinct post. These are just some more of the Troll Painting as it evolves. The actual painting right now is coming right along. I am finding that zone of love of painting as it comes to life on the page.
For those of you following at home. I’ve done some color correction, but you can see in the over all hue of the picture, when my light bulb burned out, and I had to use a fluorescent bulb. There is a definite yellow cast to the piece. Look for another post about the visual affects of light with side by side comparisons.
I hope you enjoy these as much I as I enjoy making them.

PS: there are a whopping 8 posts that chronicle the creation of this piece, to see the next moves check out Post #7: Troll, The End
to see the previous post about this image go to Post #5: Troll Process; First Moves

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