Troll, The End

Troll, The End

This could very well be the end for this painting. It’s been really great blogging this, in that I was able to reflect on all the choices that brought it here. A big thanks goes out to Randy, Jenny, and Paris, for their critical eyes. Sometimes we get by with a little help from our friends.

PS: there are a whopping 8 posts that chronicle the creation of this piece, to see the final moves check out Post #8: Troll, Digital Corrections
to see the previous post about this image go to Post #6: Troll, rolling along

One Response to Troll, The End

  1. It’s hard to say for certain from this particular photo, but the troll’s noggin could use a few dark moves. Tonally it seems too similar to the rocks and castle that are way off in the distance – in fact if I look away from the painting then look back my eye bounces back and forth from these two masses (similar size too now that I notice it) then it settles on the key. Then again, it could just be this particular photo.

    Great work!

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