Up to the Challenge

Up to the Challenge

The Beholder

In this wacky online world that I’ve found myself in, there recently came to my attention through a post on Escape from Illustration Island’s site, the 12 Week Challenge from Jonathan at Zero2Illo. Let me just say, BRILLIANT concept. As one who’s doing aiming to transition to full time illustration, this is such a great asset. So, I am taking the challenge.

2010, is already a good year for illustration, and there’s much more on the horizon. Going forward, I need to find the nexus between my ambitions and intentions, and the practicalities of life. As I’ve said to some of my friends, “There is no plan B.”

Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting a growing community of illustrators through this challenge, and encourage you to follow along here as I’ll be chronicling my experience here.

Here are some of the links to the challenge {here} and to Escape from Illustration Island {here}
As ever thanks for tuning in!

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