Inking on Vellum

Inking on Vellum

A small scale experiment of inking on vellum goes quite well. I still need to work on solid black area to see if the paper will buckle, but so far, so good!

Ink Test for Arabian Nights story
Ink Test for Arabian Nights story

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  1. Very nice work Brian,
    Inking on vellum has been a long time favorite of mine as well. The hatch work on that Djinn(?)is particularly sweet. What are you using to ink? a brush? steel tipped nib? marker?

  2. Hi Patrick, Thanks you for your kindness. Good call on the Djinn… although this fella is a straight up Demon (but he does have magical powers…) I’m using a nib pen to get my line work done. The border that you can barely make out is a micron. Although I’ll have to test a newer pen, because this micron would actually scrape off some of the ink in the center of the line as it was moving along the paper. More tests are necessary!

  3. That is beautiful! I’m a ‘pencil on cheap tracing paper’ gal myself, but I admire all you ink mavens.

  4. Hi Gina,

    Yes, I use tracing paper as well, but mostly for small corrections or to move elements around a picture a little. But I have to say that I’ve recently started using vellum to do final drawings on, and it can really take quite a bit of erasing and abuse. It might be worth looking into.

  5. Thank you Leah!

    Yes, he’s got tree-like, coral-like horns. I used to doodle those shapes on scrapes of paper a million years ago… you just never know when these things will come up!

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