Comic Book Workshop | Feb. 7&8

Comic Book Workshop | Feb. 7&8

Summary: Up coming comic book workshop in Santa Cruz

I’m really excited to start the year off with a workshop at the Santa Cruz Art League! The workshop is called Micro-Comics, Maximum Fun! and you can sign up through the website. (scroll down to the workshop title and register from there!)
The flyer for the workshop.
The flyer for the workshop.

Here is the quick pitch for the Micro-Comics, Maximum Fun! Workshop:

Comic books are fun to read and to make. In this intensive 2 day workshop we will cover some of the basics in creating and understanding the visual language of comic book storytelling. Participants will learn how to make comics through a series of writing and drawing exercises. We will start with a blank piece of paper, imagine and develop a new story idea, then create a three page micro-comic. We will develop basic thumbnail drawings, story and narrative arcs, and cover details about inking. While this workshop focuses on comic books, this information can be applied to other forms of forms of sequential visual storytelling like comic strips, gag comics, and even children’s books. 
Please bring a healthy curiosity and the abilities you already have. We will start from where you are and build your visual narratives from there. 
I think it’s super important to stress that people can start where they are. It can be a bit intimidating to think that we all have to draw like Mike Mignola, Stan Sakai, or pick your favorite comic artist to start with. I want the experience to be fun, educational, and provide a sense that everyone can do this if they have the inclination and will power.
Bowes Villain-GRAAAA
Sign up today at, and pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you! Excelsior!

4 Responses to Comic Book Workshop | Feb. 7&8

  1. Thank you Patrick! I’m really looking forward to sharing what I can about how comics work and some of the process of creating them!

  2. I have a 15 year old who is rather talented at drawing and loves comics. would this be something for him? he has no real formal art training.

  3. Hi Mike, Yes! This is really a workshop based on learning to tell a story with comics. There’s no need for formal training. We will be starting off with simple exercises and it sounds like you’re child already has the requisite “will power!” It is definitely a course that is aimed at encouraging all levels of comics artists.

    We are going to develop a simple story and work on the structure of sequential story telling in the workshop. My hope is that people will be able to then take this information and apply it to their own stories.

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