The Boyler Kat; Process Pics

The Boyler Kat; Process Pics

The Boyler Kat a illustrated response to my MFA related New York City visit last November.

Boyler Kat Title Hand lettering

Here is a snapshot of all the final art work, before it got scanned into InDesign to have all the text put on it.

The Boyler Kat Final Art

The jury is still out on the acrylic inks. Like anything there are pluses and minuses. I like the speed with which I can work, but not the final finish of the acrylics. I will try them some more though.

Here are some process shots as the images developed.

After getting some feedback on the initial comic, I am in the process of editing the text as well as trying a few things digitally. Stay Tuned for more details!

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