The Astronomer’s Dream

The Astronomer’s Dream

Summary: An illustration based on my visit to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. 

A note to the reader, this illustration was used for the cover of the Hartford University Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium catalog. Scroll to the bottom to see a picture!

If you’ve been following me online, or reading the blog you’ll know that currently I am enrolled in the Hartford University’s Low Residency MFA in Illustration program. The program is such that about every 4 months or so we all get together for a contact period. In November of 2015 we all gathered in Pasadena for a week of lectures and fun. The ongoing assignment for each of these contact periods is to create an illustration based on our reactions to the previous contact period.


Our trip to the Griffith Observatory was truly magical. First we saw the famous Hollywood sign and a wide panorama of Los Angeles. We arrived in time to watch the sunset, which cast its amber light on the mountains behind us. Then we went inside for the planetarium show. Let me just say, the lady who was the narrator for the show had some kind of lyrical faerie voice which positively enchanted each and every one of us.

Afterwards we came drifting out onto the observation deck from that experience, as if to just punctuate the special nature of this particular moment, we saw a big shooting star cross the heavens. I was awestruck.

Above you can see a bit of the process. After doing a number of thumbnails and idea sketching I settled on this idea of an astronomer. This was in part due to the recent passing of our beloved program Director and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Murray and Carol Tinkelman. While I only knew them for a short time, they both had a profound affect on my life. It occurred to me while I was sketching how Murray was sort of like an astronomer pointing out all the illustration stars, both in the heavens and here on earth. If you look closely at the leg of the table you’ll see the inscribed M.T.

I will also make note that the board upon which the soon to be painting is mounted is a new piece of Gator Board which was purchased with the funds that were collectively donated to me through my Patreon Page. I am truly grateful for this kindness. If you’d like to consider donating a small amount each month, visit my Patreon Page.

Addendum: This illustration was created in 2016, and subsequently was chosen as the illustration for the 2017 Hartford University’s Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium catalog cover. Read more…

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