Slappy the Squirrel

Slappy the Squirrel

At the end of August, I began to make regular sketches of a character I’d thought of long ago. Slappy the Squirrel was first conceived of maybe 5 years ago amongst a whirlwind of story ideas I was dreaming up. Recently Slappy popped up again during the SCBWI’s LA conference Illustrators Intensive.

After graduating in July, I needed to find something to get me back drawing on a regular basis, so I decided to give Scrappy a little air time with these sketches.

I originally posted these on my Instagram.

I also wanted to try something a little different. I wanted to animate these, so I created a parallax .gif of Slappy’s kick flip for fun! It is posted on my Facebook Page. I would encourage you to click through to see the animation and remember to Like my page. 😉


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