Holiday Cheer with Elves & More

Holiday Cheer with Elves & More

Summary: Sharing holiday cheer about a wonderful charity that I contributed to this year in Ohio, and the gift of a logo illustration. 

The final Elves & More logo illustration with digital color.

When I was growing up, my friends and I would ride our bikes everywhere in our small rural Ohio town. Since then, one of my biking buddies, Brian Miner has gone on to co-found a charitable organization called Elves & More.

Elves & More is a nonprofit organization who deliver quality bicycles to over 1,100 children in nearby communities. Throughout the year Elves and More does the good work of raising funds, gathering the donated bicycles, engaging with local bicycle clubs and service organizations, and securing the volunteers necessary for the assembly of the bicycles.

All of this work culminates on one frosty morning in late December when Brian and his cohorts drive semi-trucks full of shiny new bikes into communities, and simply give 1,100 bikes away to children. (Take a moment to let that sink in.)

I had planned to visit my family in early December to celebrate my father’s birthday and have a family reunion. As fate would have it, my trip also coincided with “The Day of the Great Bike Build.” On a cold and blustery December morning in a warehouse about 300 volunteers gathered to build all the bikes. The day was a big success. We had a great time and built all 1,100 bikes in record time!

from L to R: Brian Bowes, Brian Miner, Bob Bowes at Elves & More 2016
from L to R: Brian Bowes, Brian Miner, Bob Bowes at Elves & More 2016
My dad and I together at the bike build.
My dad and I together at the bike build.

The Elves & More Logo Illustration

In addition to building the bikes, I also donated a logo illustration to Elves & More. The design was used on the t-shirts and thank you gifts that will be given away, and I hope they will continue to use it for years to come. (click to see it larger!)

The final Elves & More logo illustration.

These are sketches that I shared on Instagram (follow me on instagram!)

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I also put out a few videos on Instagram which show me inking. I’ve put them together with some music and additional notes for your enjoyment!

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