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A Brief Flash of Wonder

From blank page to printed book, it's like Magic!

This is just a brief news update. This week I received my first published book cover! I can honestly say that I have held that book in my hand and looked at it from a whole bunch of different directions, and each time I get a little flash of wonder about the whole thing.

This piece was created earlier this year. Since then, I feel like my work has grown, but it is pretty wonderful to have something go all the way to print!

Here’s a direct link to the portfolio page for this image {here.}
If you’d like to see some of the back story on this piece, you can read up on these earlier blog posts:
Merry Christmas; Now Get To Work/

Book Cover Pike

Book Cover: Pike

Book Cover: Pike

This is the second of the two book covers that I was asked to do for PM Press. Amazingly this piece was a great sounding board for the other piece The Chieu Hoi Saloon. Both pieces were a lot of fun to work on, and they provided a great point and counterpoint to work between.Continue Reading

Merry Christmas… now get to work!

Merry Christmas… now get to work!

Hey all, so Dame fortune and Santa have smiled upon me and delivered me two book covers to paint. I am very happy to be ushering in 2010 with some illustration work. Here’s both the brief’s that I’ve received thus far, hopefully the manuscripts will be emailed to me soon so I can parse outContinue Reading

Watercolor Process