Goggles Comic: Cover Up

Goggles Comic: Cover Up

Well, here is my work in progress.

I was working ahead with the cover image when a conversation with the author provided me with some crucial character info that I missed in my reading of the story… baddaboom… big baddaboom.

It turns out that the Goggles themselves need to be more chaotic, and wild. I think I can still save this image and add onto the drawing, it’s still early enough in the process to make those kinds of changes. But I feel like a heel for missing that character element to begin with. So, I’ll continue to try to save this image, and in the end if I have to burn it, so be it. But I’m not ready for that just yet.

*This piece has been finished! You can read the next and final blog post you by going { here }, but if you are interested in how the process started you can read the first blog post { here. }

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