Rush Job

Rush Job

Yippee! 2010 is starting off wonderfully. A good client of mine contacted me for a rush job to spruce up their product information page. I had about 1 day to work on it. Everything went very smoothly, and I was especially grateful for the new brush pen that my sister gave to me for Christmas that allowed me just to flow from rough pencils to inked final. There was some additional challenge to create a readable flow with the bulk of information that had to be presented.

You can see the end result on the Ring Thing’s Product Page. My initial contact with this project was noted as A Quick Fling, earlier on this blog. The astute reader will note that much of the graphics for their poster ended up being used for their website.

Still working on the book covers, those should be up by next week. Cheers, and Happy New Year!

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  1. its funny how a rush job forces us out of our box. This is great and so different than what you usually do. Make sure you represent this style on your website.

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