12WC: Week 5: The Strange Fruits of Labor


I am happy to have pulled this piece together… finally. The ardent reader will recall that this image was actually started some 7 months ago*. It is unusual for me to put something away like this, but at the time, well, let’s just say “stuff came up,” and leave it at that. For the last few months this piece was actually pulled of the board that it was taped to, and stuck on my wall… staring at me… watching… waiting. Every time I worked at my desk, it would be there, looking back at me all un-done.

So, I took this opportunity to set things aright, and pulled it down from its lonley and dusty place, taped it back up and started making moves. The process was realitivley easy going, almost alarmingly so, but perhaps during its time on the wall, it was ripening. Ah, such are the fruits of labor. For this painting, I didn’t stop to take process pics, things just moved along smoothly from one stage to the next.

Stay tuned for more to come, there will be another painting coming up in the next two weeks. Thank you to everyone who’s been leaving messages it’s really great to hear from you.

*I’m keeping this post short, but if you’re interested in the first stages and the story behind the image, please check out the first post { here }, and the second { here }


6 Responses to 12WC: Week 5: The Strange Fruits of Labor

  1. This one is awesome Brian! I really like the perspective you've chosen and your colours are amazing as usual!

  2. It's a nice piece Brian, apart from the perspective I enjoy how there are things to discover after the first glance – things relevant to the backstory

  3. Love the perspective and drama of this piece!
    Unfortunately I'm also too familiar w/the things came up bamboozle. Good luck w/the 12 wk challenge from a fellow 12 weeker.

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