Cthulhu Rises Again

Cthulhu Rises Again

Cthulhu crushes puny boat
Cthulhu crushes puny boat!

To continue on with my Monster Monday’s theme, our pal Cthulhu makes his return. I really enjoyed the sketch from last week, and decided to work up a rendering of the same picture. At this rate, don’t be surprised if this makes it all the way to a painting at some point. Also, this drawing is for sale for $75, so if you are, or know any Cthulhu fans who’d love an original, drop me a line!

A few illustration-ish notes; First I’d like to thank N.C. Wyeth for the idea of the wave picture border at the bottom. While I did not look directly at his images, somewhere in my memory banks are an image of a boy reading a book with a great old ship tossing about on waves behind him – I’d share a pic if I knew where to find one. At any rate, it’s amazing when those pieces of information suddenly pop out of us.

I’d be interested to hear some of your thoughts on a little bit of a problem that I am wrestling with here, and that is that I want to set the ship and the hands in a foreground space, and the body of Cthulhu in a middle ground space and his wings a slight distance behind him. It seems to me that this is a problem of assigning the correct values to those areas. I am also trying to use the smokey bits to create those breaks in space. If you have an observations I’d like to hear them.

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