Tentacles, Barbarians, and Fist-a-cuffs, OH MY!

Tentacles, Barbarians, and Fist-a-cuffs, OH MY!

It’s that time again! This week’s Monster Monday is going to be brought to you by a few designs that I am working up to include as skateboard graphics. One might debate the “monster-ness” of these, but we do have tentacles, giant robots and barbarians, and scrappy fella who was recently heard saying “C’mere, and I’ll knock them fins off’n yer head!” over the din of a crowd at Black-Eyed Pete’s fighting pits. We like to call him “Scrappy Jack.”

I will be announcing an upcoming in-store artist event later this week that will be set for the first weekend in October, so all of you folks in the NE Ohio area, consider yourselves warned! Also, If anyone is already thinking that these might make the perfect gift for someone or yourself, I will be posting these for sale and will be doing custom orders, just shoot me a line through the contact page and we can talk. But for now just consider these a sneak peek at the new 2012 Elder Boards skateboard line! HUZZAH!






Thanks for reading along on the blog, as ever your input is encouraged, and I respond well to enthusiasm, so if you like what you see or have suggestions, leave a comment!
Cheers ~ Brian

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