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Graduate Research & Creativity Symposium Cover Illustration

Graduate Research & Creativity Symposium Cover Illustration

Summary: “The Astronomer” was chosen as the cover illustration for the University of Hartford’s Graduate Research and Creativity Symposium catalog.

The printed cover of the Hartford University Graduate Research & Creativity Symposium

A while back Ms. Shayna Piascik, a fantastic illustrator and manager of the Hartford Illustration MFA program, put me in touch with some people at Hartford University. It seems that they had chosen my illustration for the cover of their Creativity Symposium catalog. Given the amazing experience I had during my time with Hartford University, I was more than happy to allow to use my illustration. It was nice to have this opportunity to give back and represent our program in this way.

“The Astronomer” was created in response to my Illustration MFA class visit to Pasadena, CA. The imagery is based on our magical visit to the Griffith Observatory. If you look closely the table leg and you will find “M.T.” inscribed there. This is my homage to our former program Director Mr. Murray Tinkelman (1933–2016) who was like an astronomer in the way that he loved to discuss the stars of illustration.

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The Astronomer

My work is a little more traditional and whimsically weird as compared to much of the editorial illustration work that is out there. With that in mind, I was very happy to see that the image worked well within an editorial framework. It is sure fun to my work in print, that never grows old!

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Watercolor Process

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