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3 Steps to a More Colorful Watercolor Pallet

3 Steps to a More Colorful Watercolor Pallet

Summary: Mixing colors, and figuring out how to utilize those mixes in a painting can be a daunting task to start with. My intention with this post is to share my study habits so that you might see something new or have a fresh idea, and thus become inspired to to find a new ways to fine tune your own craft.Continue Reading

Drawing to a Beautiful Conclusion

Summary: In the previous post I talked about the beginnings and the initial thoughts and concepts behind this illustration. We left off in that post at the first round of thumbnails. This post will follow up by talking about revisions, rough comps, and the resulting phases of this process, ending with the exciting final product!Continue Reading

Waltzing Into The New Year

Summary: I don’t believe that anyone get’s anywhere without help from the people around them. It is through this network of mutual support that beautiful things can emerge. This is the tale of just such a project. Continue Reading

A Curious Introduction; a Story of Self Promotion

A Curious Introduction; a Story of Self Promotion

“A Curious Introduction” represents the first promo created specifically for a targeted audience of Art Directors working in the field of Middle Reader/ Children’s Book publishing. I wanted this first card to present a clear message and to show that I can tell a story with images. The message that it is intended to communicate is simply one of introduction. Which seems appropriate as I introduce my work to a group of people who most likely will be hearing about me for the first time through this piece.Continue Reading

October Surprise: a Sneak Peek

Well, things have been quite here on the blog… too quite, but, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been busy! Actually I’ve been working up a couple different images. One image is for a charity auction later in the month, and the other is an all out effort to make a promotional piece for Halloween.Continue Reading

The Un-taping of Bo Diddley