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Getting A Head In The World

Getting A Head In The World

There are a 1001 good uses for illustrated portraits in advertising and design. Let’s name them all…

  • A CEO, Chairperson, or Board’s statement in annual reports
    (Wouldn’t this be more fun than the stodgy old photo?) 
  • Presentation slides
    (Perhaps a series of slides with a character illustrating a multi-step process?) 
  • Founder Image on packaging
    (Do you like Newman’s Own cookies? I do.)
  • The Ubiquitous Internet Meme
    (Can you imagine an ad campaign with a series of outlandish statements next to funny characters? Internet gold.)
  • Caricatures of familiar faces
    (Aren’t whimsical portraits more expressive than a photo you’ve seen a million times?)
Lest we get bogged down with 996 more examples… you get the picture.

Here are three portraits of famous illustrators

(originally posted on my Instagram account, @StudioBowesArt.)

Albert Dorne

Albert Dorne is the Patron Saint of the Illustration Hustle. He built a career on the sweat of his own brow, and at the peak of his career he went on to start the most successful correspondence courses, The Famous Artists Course. He hired the top illustrators in the U.S. to teach at the FAC: Norman Rockwell, Ben Shahn, Al Parker and many, many more!

(read more about Albert Dorne)

A.B. Frost

I became interested in A.B. Frost while doing research for my MFA thesis. The Brer Rabbit he created for Uncle Remus and His Friends continues to be the gold standard. In fact, the illustrations so greatly added to the success of that book that the author, Joel Chandler Harris, wrote to Frost saying:

“The book was mine, but now you have made it yours, both sap and pith…”

(read more about A.B. Frost)

Beatrix Potter

An investigation into classic anthropomorphic characters would not be complete without a look at the work of Beatrix Potter.  She is best know for writing and illustrating The Tale Peter Rabbit.

Fun Fact, The Tale of Peter Rabbit started as letters that Beatrix wrote to some children that she knew. 

(read more about Beatrix Potter)


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