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Chapter Headers

Chapter Headers

I’m excited to write this post. It’s been quiet a while since I first started with Will Overby on the Brock Ford project. The scope of the project was to create an overall design for the book jackets, an icon for the series, the illustrations for the covers, frontispieces, and chapter headers for all three books. The whole experience has been a really great opportunity for me to get deep into a project and produce a lot of different types of work.

Summary: Finishing up a series of chapter header images for a of young reader adventure books by Will Overby

The final big piece to the puzzle was to create the 36 chapter headers for the books. Luckily the Will had some thoughts about what he’d like to see for the images, and was open to any changes that I suggested. In the end around 80% of the images are directly from his list.

Process shots:

River of Gold chapter headers
River of Gold chapter headers in process.

I changed things up a little by opting to use an Acrylic Ink instead of painting these images with watercolor. While some of my usual watercolor tricks didn’t work, I found the quickness of the ink really fun.

River of Gold chapter headers in process 2

River of Gold chapter headers
River of Gold chapter headers in process
Lost Tribe of Kilimanjaro chapter headers
Lost Tribe of Kilimanjaro chapter headers in process
Mummy's Tomb chapter headers
Mummy’s Tomb chapter headers in process


Some final pieces:

River of Gold Chpt.9

River of Gold Chpt.8

Mummy's Tomb Chpt.5

Mummy's Tomb Chpt.4

The Lost Tribe of Kilimanjaro Chpt.10

The Lost Tribe of Kilimanjaro Chpt.5

At the time of this writing you can download electronic copies of the books (and see all the illustrations!), from Amazon by using these links:

There are plans to release print editions of the books and when those become available I will be sure to update this post.

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Watercolor Process